Villa Rosa dei Venti - Tuscany


1966. My parents, Ornella and Rino, in front
of what will become Villa Rosa dei Venti

Villa "Rosa dei Venti" is located in Cortona, where wine and olive-growing can be traced back to Etruscan ages. The farm's most ancient building is the Villa which may accommodate about 20 people. This building goes back to the 18th century, period in which it belonged to an ancient noble family from Cortona.

Cortona's counts used the Villa as a summer residence whereas the surrounding farm could supply them with wheat, oil and wine for the whole year. As we know, in ancient times all noble families' properties were inherited by male offspring, whereas daughters could only get married or enter a convent.

Cortona's seigneurs decided that all their estates in the Cortona countryside were to be divided among their three daughters, whereas the palaces in Cortona, Siena and Florence were to be given to their sons.

Later on, in the early 1900's, the whole estate was bought by the Micheli family, and more in particular by great-grandfather Angiolo and great-grandmother Felice who gave birth to four sons in ten years time. That gave them some relief, since their sons could help them manage the whole estate.

In the course of time the whole estate was perfectly looked after so as is today by great-grandchildren Barbara and Stefano.

  • 1949 - My grandmother Eugenia is holding my father Rino
  • My father Rino at the age of three with his Sunday attire
  • Rino had the world in his mind
  • All my family, with special guests for dinner: Frances Mayes and Ed
  • Stefano, Barbara and Dick Mercer