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Tuscan Memories in the Kitchen

Good recipes, good memories...


Over the years, we have realized that our guests enjoy learning about us, our culture, and our ways of thinking, and in so doing, are able to grasp the various nuances of life.

While talking about ourselves is not always easy, at the request of many guests, we decided to tell our stories through the simplest and most direct method: a book of anecdotes about daily life with secrets from our kitchen, a book of recipes and recollections: “The Secret Recipes of a Tuscan Family” (now sold out) and “Tuscan Memories in the Kitchen” (our latest release).

“Tuscan Memories in the Kitchen” is more than a cookbook. It is a way for us to continue to host people who have stayed with us, people who have gone on to become our friends.

In Italy, eating a meal together is not a random event. It is the closest way to savor traditions with your family and enjoy customs passed down from generation to generation. Food communicates the genuineness of life and speaks of the heart and not just the palate.

A few years ago we decided to open the doors of our kitchen by organizing simple and fun Cooking Classes. The class is followed by lunch or dinner with our family. It always ends up being a joyful occasion, the culmination of friendship and conviviality that begins in the kitchen.

The book “Tuscan Memories in the Kitchen” is an English language volume of 145 pages that includes many photos of recipes. In addition to revealing the secrets of Tuscan cooking, it also relates anecdotes in the Micheli family, Tuscans for more than 5 generations, and delves into why Rino decided to transform our brick home into the beautiful country resort “Rosa dei Venti” it is today. The book also talks a little bit about the marvelous people who have visited us over the years. If you take a look at the section on VIPs and Celebrities you will have some pleasant surprises!

The book can be purchased at the Villa or requested by e-mail to We will gladly send it directly to your home.